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The Man in the High Castle’s first season went out with a bang last year. During the whirlwind finale’s final moments, Ed was hauled off to jail, Juliana and Joe made a last-ditch escape from the Nazi embassy, and Tagomi seemingly traveled through time to an alternate reality.

So what in the world is happening when the alt-history drama returns to Amazon? Cast members did their best to fill in the blanks when they stopped by EW’s studio at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday, teasing Bella Heathcote’s new “party girl” character and a conflict-rife second season.

“I think in season 2 you really see [Frank] take matters into his own hands and kind of forge a new relationship with the resistance,” said Rupert Evans, who plays Frank Frink. “He departs from his previous ideas about how to live in this place, this totalitarian state. So his life changes dramatically in season 2.”

As for Tagomi’s shocking time jump, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa didn’t give much away, only offering his hot take on the storyline. “I think everybody has an alternate reality. It’s just a matter of whether they question enough. I think the less we question, the less we realize that there’s more than just one way to look at things,” he said. “Tagomi is definitely someone that comes from a world and is on his own journey to find an answer within that world, but then the journey takes him to another world. It’s a Chinese box.”

For the full run-down on where The Man in the High Castle will pick up, watch EW’s full interview above.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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Audrey July 25, 2016 0 Comments

On July 21, Bella and the cast of ‘The Man in the High Castle’ attended the 2016 Comic-Con at the San Diego Convention Center. Before the panel, they stopped by Hard Rock Hotel to visit SiriusXM’s Entertainment Weekly Radio Show, then they were at the Amazon Village in San Diego. Bella was absolutely stunning with her Prabal Gurung dress. Make sure you check all the photos out in the gallery: